Which Coffee Should I Choose?

Most of our coffees are roasted at a Light to Medium Roast to retain the regional flavor characteristics of each single origin bean. This allows for a smooth and vibrant flavor profile.

If you are a fan of a clean and sweeter tasting coffee, with a softer fruit character and light acidity, then one of our South and Central American coffees might be for you.

Guatemala (brown sugar, caramel, orange, milk chocolate)

Peru (almond butter, molasses, cherry, apricot, dark chocolate)

Costa Rica (hazelnut, dark chocolate, orange) 

If you are a fan of a bright fruity and complex tasting coffee, with a light floral aroma, and more of a medium body in terms of mouth feel, then one of our African coffees might be for you.

Tanzania Peaberry (blackberry, dark chocolate, black tea) 

Kenya (chocolate, caramel, cranberry, raisin, blackberry)

If you are looking for roasted and nutty quality and flavor, try our Dark Roast blend, including Guatemala and Mexico. 

Dark Roast Blend (brown sugar, hazelnut, milk chocolate, caramel)